Islami Nazaryati Tehreek Pakistan

Join us For Pure and Balance Islamic State..........!


1.     Safety and reestablishment of two nation ideology on which Pakistan’s existence based. We have to ensure to our nation and youth that two nation ideology is much important for the survival of nation and state.

2.      Establishment of complete and balance Islamic system, by the guide line of Quran and Hadith.

3.      Establishment of United States of Islam, in which all Islamic countries will make a alliance and will cooperate with each other in all matters.

4.      Best Islamic economic system, by which we can resolve the present crisis.

5.     As Pakistan is a agricultural state so we will focus on the agriculture and by using modern techniques we can make an marked increment in this field .

6.      The basic problem of Pakistan is Education, so by focusing on this problem and by removing the divisional and business trend in Education, we can solve it.

7.      Urgent provision of Justice to the common man is the major issue and we will focus on it.

8.      End of Hereditary Politics in Pakistan

9.      By making a national security department we can make a our country a powerful one.

10.    Complaint Cell’s establishment to street level by which a common man can directly coordinate with the federation.

11.Tourism and Health will be make much better.

12.Foreign policy will depends on the history, more focus on relations with Islamic countries. Relations with western countries will be unconditioned.

Plan of Action


Revolution always bring up by only the Youth…..!

There are following steps which are very necessary  to blow up a change according to Islam.

1.) We should have a revolutionary ideology.

2.) Organizational Setup is very important to maintain discipline in revolutionary move.

3.) Training of members. Including all aspects of life.

4.) Passive resistance i.e. patience in any condition.

5.) Active Resistance

6.) Demand for our objectives i.e. strike against government and force them to  launch Islamic and socio-economic-politico system.

No armed struggle and violence will be allowed to any member. If we will succeed in above steps than hope we will bring change but it needs a long time and patience……!