Islami Nazaryati Tehreek Pakistan

Join us For Pure and Balance Islamic State..........!

Founder President & Chairman

Zahid Afzal 

Ex- Central President of Pakistan People's Alliance ( a Political Party)

Chairman PISPD ( Pakistan International Society for Peace and Development)

Chairman ARZOO( A hope for Poverty)

Ex Youth Parliementerian

Ex-Youth Senator

Ex- Info Sec. of Awami Muslim League

Award holder in different aspects of Life

Youth Leader BZU 


Kokab S. Khan Rathore

Active Youth Politician of Pakistan

National Debater

Ex- Chairman Student Affairs of ISF

Ex-Spokesperson of Pakistan People's Alliance

Deputy information Secretary

Asad Abbas Sialvi

M.A English Literature

Author of Different books

Well known Columnist

Active Political worker

Contact# 0324-4436496

Chairman advisory board

Dr.Arif Mehmood Nasir

Analyzing Secretory of INT

Phd in Acopuncture

Well Known Auditor, Finance Expert, Fazil, Adeeb.

Central Executive Member

Sanam Ateeq

Female wing President of INT

Gujrat University

President int k.p.k

M. Nadeem Khan

Active Youth Leader

Well Known Journalist

Contact # 0312-3159000

President int punjab


President of Hands Society(NGO)

Active Youth Politician

Contact # 0300-9735090

INT Punjab Office:

Office # 15 first floor taj mahal plaza sadiqabad chowk rawalpindi.

 Phone: 051-4450830,051-5832711

President int Baluchistan


Aziz ur Rehman Lashari


Active youth Politician

Contact # 0333-7042716

INT Baluchistan Office:

Lashar Abad, Gandhawa District Jhal Magsi, Balochistan

Phone: 0837300047

Member of central joint committee


M.Waqas Ch.

Representative of Rawalpindi

Active and Energetic Youngster

Contact #0336-5113332

Member of central joint COMMITTEE 

Jam M. Irfan Bhait

Active Youth Politician

Spokesperson to the Chairman INT

Contact # 0308-7286829