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What we have to do in Future...............?

Posted by Zahid Afzal on July 7, 2011 at 4:51 PM Comments comments (11)

It’s a very important thing that you all should know ourfuture plan. First of all, we all have to gather more members in a city i.e. atleast 500-1000 members in a city and our supporters should be in lakhs. In thecoming elections we will participate from 3 or 4 provincial seats to tell thegovernment and other political parties that they must implement our proposedsystem which is only and only for the common persons. If they don’t do so thenwe will be in the next government INSHALLAH. Here is very important thing thatthere are also two other tehreeks running with the name Pakistan Bchao Tehreekand here we must tell to our members that this tehreek is started by ZahidAfzal and this tehreek is not affiliated with any political party. You canconvince the members and supporters by telling them that what we have done inonly six months without any type of political and financial support. Believe methat I haven’t  a single penny when Istart this tehreek and still I haven’t a single penny, but still we havecourage, strength, unity and faith on ALLAH. We have to work voluntarily as Idid in six month  and I hope that my allcolleagues and my brothers and sisters will also work like this. Once, if wesucceed in our plan then believe me we will be remember in history books and wewill called as legends. Just make your strength enough that whenever we plan fora long march every person from every street should come with us and this willshow that youth of Pakistan can do anything if there is something going wrong.

So raise hand with me and say

                HumNahi Manty Zulm K zabty , Hum mulk Bchany nikly hain, Hmary Sath Chalo


                                                                                                    Zahid Afzal

                                                                                     FounderPresident of PBT

                                                                                                Chairman PISPD


By Ahmad Rana (Faislabad)

Posted by Zahid Afzal on April 20, 2011 at 2:28 PM Comments comments (1)

CIA and ISI head to head.

          General Mike Mallen ''If General Qyani have responsibilitty of Pakistan, so do have i for Americans.Pakistan Army support for Haqqani network will not be tolerated as it is supporting ''Talibans'' directly and we will take whatever action to ensure protection of American Peoples......


Posted by Zahid Afzal on April 11, 2011 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear members we need confirm members not strength so every one try to remain in contact with zahid afzal

For Members

Posted by Zahid Afzal on March 19, 2011 at 6:42 AM Comments comments (4)

Dear members of PBT kindly pay full attention to ur work its a time to show us so be ready for a big deal.

Presidential Meeting

Posted by Zahid Afzal on March 15, 2011 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (5)

Pakistan BchaoTehreek

Decisions in CEC Presidential Meeting of PBT:.

1).We are going to establish a NGO with name of SUBAH (Social Uplift of Aggrieved and Humiliated Folk).

2).Its necessary for every member of PBT to contribute Rs.100 per year for the registration of our NGO.

3).Every city presidents have to contribute Rs.500 per year for our NGO.

4).We needs a Board of Directors of 7 members which can be extend to 9 members. All BOD members have to contribute Rs.1000 per year.

BOD requires specially members from Punjab so all the Punjab cities president must contribute for a noble cause. Presidents from other cities can also contribute.

5).All funding will have a complete check and balance and will completely audit per year.

6).Media coverage for any member is not allowed till PBT’s CEC permission.

7).No violence allowed during any protest.

8).After collection of contributions we will develop our office in Islamabad which will be our Headquarter.

9).Website of PBT will be launch soon.

10).Our Analyzing Secretary is Dr.Arif Mahmud Nasir from Islamabad.

These are the decisions only for the city presidents.

Hereby, the brief introduction of our moment and its rules are also attached with this file in inpage formate.So kindly print this material and spread it to your members.

With regards from PBT Pakistan.