Islami Nazaryati Tehreek Pakistan

Join us For Pure and Balance Islamic State..........!

Chairman's Messsage


Dear Youth!

 it’s a time for change, our nation and motherland calling us as we are the last hope of nation. We have to do something, not for our self but for our coming generations. In this century Islam demands Salahu-din-Ayubi, we are the Ayubis of this Nation. Maintain only one aim in your minds that we have to raise the flag of Islam in Europe and Israel but firstly we have to change our homeland because without changing it we can’t do anything. So raise your voice with me against this corrupt and the worst system or Government.

Zahid Afzal

Founder Chairman of INT Pakistan



            Pakistan is a Islamic and democratic country, its survival is our responsibility. At this time majority in Pakistan is of Youth, which are well aware from the current issues of the country, but unfortunately! They are wasting their time on net or other sources. Islami Nazaryati Tehreek (INT) is a Youth Movement which is providing a platform to those Youth which have no platform to show their talent. We want that they help us in bringing a big Islamic and socio-economic-politico change, which is the need of the day.INT is not only to aware the young generation, we have the awareness of whole nation in our mission. We don’t believe on the extremism and the divisional state of Islam currently in Pakistan, we believe that actual islam is in Quran and Hadith not in hands of our so called illiterate Islamic scholars. INT’s mission is quite difficult but not impossible to develop a balanced and pure Islamic state , but if youth and nation join us then this tough can turn into easiest....!

Islami Nazaryati Tehreek ( INT)

We the youth trying to gather the youth and middle class persons of Pakistan to make a single voice. In these days we are facing the worst critical situation of our beloved motherland.

So the question is that how can we save our country? According to us the only way to solve all these problems is that we the youth and middle class persons of  Pakistan should take a stand against these problems. May be the government and other political parties will take us as a rebellious party  but here it should be clear to all  that we are a political and hardly against the violence because in violence we would do our own loss. Not only youth but the senior  citizens can also help us and guide us. We are 150% sincere to our motherland and Islami Nazaryati Tehreek and hope that all Pakistanis help us to clear our country from these situations.

Why INT?

Napoleon Said!

                             Bad crises in a country are not due to violence of bad peoples but due to the silence of good peoples!

Most of our peoples and youth thinking that why only INT? So  the answer  is very simple that majority in Pakistan and INT is youth which is energetic, talented and in learning stage and he can do better than an older person. No doubt that older Pakistanis are also an important part of our social prosper and we must need their guide line and help. Another thing that we youth can’t bear further pressure on their  lovely peoples and the major thing we are political and have no financial support but still we are struggling  for a noble cause. A large number of political and nonpolitical parties working on these problems so what’s the reason that they still working? So there is a need of time that nation should take a stand and it’s the time we need unity and we need a revolution. All should know that we have to take it serious for the survival of Pakistan and for our own survival. In fact it’s too much difficult but not impossible and we youth will make it too much easy only and only for the survival of our nation.




Golden rules for INT Joiners

1. Pursue Achievable Goals

2. Keep Genuine Smiles

3. Share with Others

4. Help Thy Neighbors

5. Maintain a Youthful Spirit

6. Get Along with the Rich, the Poor, the Beautiful, & the Ugly

7. Keep Cool under Pressure

8. Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor

9. Forgive the Annoyance of Others

10. Have a Few Pals

11. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards

12. Treasure Every Moment with Your Love Ones

13. Have High Confidence in Yourself

14. Respect the Disadvantaged

15. Indulge Yourself Occasionally

16. Surf the Net at Leisure

17. Take Calculated Risks

18. Understand "Money Isn't Everything"